CIE O-Level Chemistry 5070

CIE O-Level Chemistry 5070


This course for Chemistry O-Level CIE 5070 is taught by Haroon Patel who is an experienced Chemistry tutor based in North West England. Haroon is PGCE certified tutor and has been teaching in the UK schools for over 15 years. Join his crash course now. He is your savior!!

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Haroon Patel teaches the Chemistry O-Level tuition course. This course is suitable for students who will be taking CIE O-Level Chemistry 5070 or Edexcel Pearson Chemistry exams in summer 2019.  Haroon will conduct two live Chemistry tuition classes weekly. So whether you are looking for Atomic structure, periodic table, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, types of substance, calculations involving masses, states of matter, methods of separating and purifying substances, acids and bases, electrolytic processes, equilibria, transition, metals, alloys and corrosion, chemical cells and fuel cells, rates of reaction, heat energy changes in chemical reactions, fuels and earth science, hydrocarbons or any other topic, we have you covered.
The online classroom environment is flexible and allows the students to talk to the tutor (provided they have headsets and microphone) or use the interactive tools such as “Hands up”, Yes/No, the ability to type a question or take part in a poll. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to your tutor and build a strong base of the subject. Joining our online tuition will mean an end to your commute to coaching or expensive private tutors.
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